DJ Floskel Interview on (English Version)

Nidan from conducted a short interview with me, talking about DJing for BBoys and BGirls and the German breaking scene. Here we go...

Please introduce yourself!

dj-floskel_what-you-got-5My name is DJ Floskel and I've been DJing since 1997. I prefer to play for BBoys and BGirls, as well as for all those, who like music with groove and soul. Doing this, the genre is secondary so I play Funk, Soul, Rap, Reggae, Salsa etc. When I'm not DJing, I train my own DJ students at VibrA School of DJing in Marburg, Germany.

What has been your greatest performance so far?

I can't really break it down to the one performance because every gig has something special to it: Sometimes it's the crowd, sometimes the venue etc. DJing in front of a capacity crowd every night at the World Expo in Shanghai with a feeling of 60 degrees centigrade, for example, was intense. The team with me on stage at the Expo was intense as well due to the great energy they shared: Scotty 76, Marc Hype, DJ DSK, Gregor Siegel, Dickid, Zebster and others. On the other hand, events with a family vibe tend to touch me even more: Summer Jam in Altdorf, Radikal Forze Jam, What You Got, Haters Make Me Laugh, Stay Fresh Jam, just to name a few. Actually the times before and after the gigs, just hanging with the people involved in the event, having a great time, is often even more impressive than the actual events. Best gigs are often in small clubs with crowds that feel the music and who let the DJ know that they actually appreciate what's going on. If you are in a club, at a battle, jam and so on and if you feel the DJ, let him/her know - the DJ will appreciate it!

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Scratch of the Month - DJ Ko Flow

I did a project in 2012, called "Scratch of the Month". Basic idea was to team up with one DJ colleague every month to record a scratch track. I focused on one specific scratch technique every month (faderless scratches, chirps, tears etc.) and my DJ colleagues could do whatever to represent themselves. I teamed up with the likes of DJ Mathmatics from Australia, DJ Ko Flow from Singapore, Marc Hype from Germany and Geraet (Cut Cannibalz) from Germany. The aim was to produce twelve tracks, but you know how these DJ dudes do, so four out of twelve tracks could still be considered a pretty good score. Anyway, during the relaunch of my website in 2013, the track I recorded together with Ko Flow slipped away, so here it is again. Btw, I'm strictly faderless on that track.

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Recap: Urban Mela Chennai 2012

I travelled to India to DJ a breaking battle and host a DJ workshop as part of the Urban Mela Chennai 2012. Thanks to the good people from Goethe Institut Chennai and Catalyst Dance Company for a very inspiring and humbling stay in India and the opportunity to experience a young, vivid and hungry HipHop scene.


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Record Store: Co-Mix (Lucerne, Switzerland)

Co-Mix RecordsDigging vinyl is always a pleasure, but the first Saturday of June 2013 simply left us no choice but to spend the whole afternoon in Lucerne's Co-Mix record shop. The weather was pretty much rain drop after rain drop - so me, Murphy and Dan from No Half Steppin invested some extra time, going through records. By the way, this was sort of the inofficial warmup party to "Funky Fever meets Funky Two Kilos" later that day.

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