Cypher Sounds Mix, Chapter One - Random Boombap

"Cypher Sounds" is a mix series for BBoys and BGirls, trying to capture the energy of a cypher. In chapter one, DJ Floskel randomly flips through boombap rap, different countries, ages - as long as the vibe makes you want to get down. 

Artwork is provided by Speedy (Battle Squad). Speedy doesn't like shoutouts on mixes and likes to think of his artwork as his shoutout. Check Speedy's professional website:

Boombap 101

Boombap 101 is a party series by DJ Floskel, bringing you the golden era boombap rap sound of the nineties, plus bits and pieces of the sound that music is based on: Funk and Soul. Expect the likes of De La Soul, Wu-Tang, A Tribe Called Quest, James Brown, The Meters...  The parties have been around for more than a decade, took a little pause and are now back thanks to good people like JWalk.




  • 5th August @ Joode Lade, Cologne: JWalk, DJ Floskel (Primo Special)

"Fremdsport A-Side" online: Golden era rap/ boombap mix

"Fremdsport" is DJ Floskel's own take on rap classics from 1986-1994. Tracks you will expect mixed with tracks that people have been sleeping on. This mix is inspired by DJ Vinroc's Reconstruction mixtape. Originally released on cassette in 2003/ 2004.

VibrA School of DJing Marburg Shutting Down Operation

VibrA Shool of DJing logoVibrA School of DJing Marburg has shut down its operation.

I, in co-operation with Modern Music School Marburg, ran this DJ school from March 2012 to November 2014. We threw workshops and held regular classes for all styles of music and all ages. I had a great time and learned a lot from my students. Thanks to everybody who supported the school, and extra special thanks to Andreas Latzko for making this experience happen! However, I decided to put an end to the school due to lack of time for other projects. Maybe I catch you guys at a workshop around your way. Time will tell.