Scratch of the Month - DJ Ko Flow

I did a project in 2012, called "Scratch of the Month". Basic idea was to team up with one DJ colleague every month to record a scratch track. I focused on one specific scratch technique every month (faderless scratches, chirps, tears etc.) and my DJ colleagues could do whatever to represent themselves. I teamed up with the likes of DJ Mathmatics from Australia, DJ Ko Flow from Singapore, Marc Hype from Germany and Geraet (Cut Cannibalz) from Germany. The aim was to produce twelve tracks, but you know how these DJ dudes do, so four out of twelve tracks could still be considered a pretty good score. Anyway, during the relaunch of my website in 2013, the track I recorded together with Ko Flow slipped away, so here it is again. Btw, I'm strictly faderless on that track.

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