Cypher Sounds

"Cypher Sounds" is a mix for BBoys/BGirls, MCs - everyone into BoomBap sounds. Expect beats that you wuold love to hear in the cyphers, whether rhyming or dancing. All beats on "Cypher Sounds" are produced by DJ Floskel and will later be blended, feeling like a classic mix with two turntables, similar to the Funky Two Kilo mixes. A new beat will drop weekly, while the finished mix is scheduled for late 2021.

Here are some beats that might pop up in the mix:

DJ Floskel: "Goodbye"

DJ Floskel: "Teach the Teachers"

DJ Floskel: "Spartakiade"

DJ Floskel: "Thunderstorm"

DJ Floskel: "Botanic Garden"

DJ Floskel: "Lazy Day"

DJ Floskel: "Back to the Afterschool Program"