"Fremdsport A-Side" online: Golden era rap/ boombap mix

"Fremdsport" is DJ Floskel's own take on rap classics from 1986-1994. Tracks you will expect mixed with tracks that people have been sleeping on. This mix is inspired by DJ Vinroc's Reconstruction mixtape. Originally released on cassette in 2003/ 2004.

Cypher Sounds

"Cypher Sounds" is a mix for BBoys/BGirls, MCs - everyone into BoomBap sounds. Expect beats that you would love to hear in the cyphers, whether rhyming or dancing. All beats on "Cypher Sounds" are produced by DJ Floskel and will later be blended, feeling like a classic mix with two turntables, similar to the Funky Two Kilo mixes. A new beat will drop weekly, while the finished mix is scheduled for late 2021.

Here are some beats that might pop up in the mix:

DJ Floskel: "Last Day of Summer"

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VibrA School of DJing Marburg Shutting Down Operation

VibrA Shool of DJing logoVibrA School of DJing Marburg has shut down its operation.

I, in co-operation with Modern Music School Marburg, ran this DJ school from March 2012 to November 2014. We threw workshops and held regular classes for all styles of music and all ages. I had a great time and learned a lot from my students. Thanks to everybody who supported the school, and extra special thanks to Andreas Latzko for making this experience happen! However, I decided to put an end to the school due to lack of time for other projects. Maybe I catch you guys at a workshop around your way. Time will tell.




DJ Floskel Interview on bboy-style.de (English Version)

Nidan from bboy-style.de conducted a short interview with me, talking about DJing for BBoys and BGirls and the German breaking scene. Here we go...

Please introduce yourself!

dj-floskel_what-you-got-5My name is DJ Floskel and I've been DJing since 1997. I prefer to play for BBoys and BGirls, as well as for all those, who like music with groove and soul. Doing this, the genre is secondary so I play Funk, Soul, Rap, Reggae, Salsa etc. When I'm not DJing, I train my own DJ students at VibrA School of DJing in Marburg, Germany.

What has been your greatest performance so far?

I can't really break it down to the one performance because every gig has something special to it: Sometimes it's the crowd, sometimes the venue etc. DJing in front of a capacity crowd every night at the World Expo in Shanghai with a feeling of 60 degrees centigrade, for example, was intense. The team with me on stage at the Expo was intense as well due to the great energy they shared: Scotty 76, Marc Hype, DJ DSK, Gregor Siegel, Dickid, Zebster and others. On the other hand, events with a family vibe tend to touch me even more: Summer Jam in Altdorf, Radikal Forze Jam, What You Got, Haters Make Me Laugh, Stay Fresh Jam, just to name a few. Actually the times before and after the gigs, just hanging with the people involved in the event, having a great time, is often even more impressive than the actual events. Best gigs are often in small clubs with crowds that feel the music and who let the DJ know that they actually appreciate what's going on. If you are in a club, at a battle, jam and so on and if you feel the DJ, let him/her know - the DJ will appreciate it!

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